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City Run 1 Colour  layers   copy by FinlayCowan City Run 1 Colour layers copy :iconfinlaycowan:FinlayCowan 2 1 B1 Convergence Bundle  copy by FinlayCowan B1 Convergence Bundle copy :iconfinlaycowan:FinlayCowan 1 0 PR 2017 Hi Res Full Disc  copy copy 2 by FinlayCowan PR 2017 Hi Res Full Disc copy copy 2 :iconfinlaycowan:FinlayCowan 1 0 Poster Lo Res REVISED  copy by FinlayCowan Poster Lo Res REVISED copy :iconfinlaycowan:FinlayCowan 3 0 Slim Convergence Poster flat  copy by FinlayCowan Slim Convergence Poster flat copy :iconfinlaycowan:FinlayCowan 1 0 Symphonic Led Zeppelin Cover copy by FinlayCowan Symphonic Led Zeppelin Cover copy :iconfinlaycowan:FinlayCowan 2 0 Wili by FinlayCowan Wili :iconfinlaycowan:FinlayCowan 1 2 Sibilla by FinlayCowan Sibilla :iconfinlaycowan:FinlayCowan 1 0 Scotland Sketch 1 by FinlayCowan Scotland Sketch 1 :iconfinlaycowan:FinlayCowan 1 0 Subway Slim Jan 25th 2012 by FinlayCowan Subway Slim Jan 25th 2012 :iconfinlaycowan:FinlayCowan 0 0 Subway Slim Jan 25th 2012 by FinlayCowan Subway Slim Jan 25th 2012 :iconfinlaycowan:FinlayCowan 0 0 Citizen Charlie - Larger version by FinlayCowan Citizen Charlie - Larger version :iconfinlaycowan:FinlayCowan 0 0 Pink Floyd Backs - Alternate Version by FinlayCowan Pink Floyd Backs - Alternate Version :iconfinlaycowan:FinlayCowan 1 2 My Favourite Drug 3 - Subway Slim Issue 1 by FinlayCowan My Favourite Drug 3 - Subway Slim Issue 1 :iconfinlaycowan:FinlayCowan 1 0 My Favourite Drug 4 - Subway Slim Issue 1 by FinlayCowan My Favourite Drug 4 - Subway Slim Issue 1 :iconfinlaycowan:FinlayCowan 0 0 My Favourite Drug 5 - Subway Slim Issue 1 by FinlayCowan My Favourite Drug 5 - Subway Slim Issue 1 :iconfinlaycowan:FinlayCowan 1 0


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City Run 1 Colour layers copy
Production Design drawing for the game 'City Run' which I did in 2015 (thats why I haven't been here much, been a bit busy).
New work at Graphic novels / videos and music free to view  + previously unseen and new work at

B1 Convergence Bundle copy  New graphic novels, videos and albums free to view form Finlay Cowan


Finlay Cowan
United Kingdom
After playing a couple of gigs as bassist for ex New York Dolls guitarist Johnny Thunders, Finlay Cowan arrived in London and began his creative career around 1987 as a freelance storyboard artist in the capitals flourishing advertising industry working sporadically at most of the big London agencies.

He was introduced to Storm Thorgerson in 1993 and has worked with him for many years as an ‘ideas man’ and illustrator contributing to album sleeves for Pink Floyd, Muse, Audioslave, and many others. He designed Pink Floyds ‘Back Catalogue’ poster which is said to be the groups most popular image and has become a global pop icon. He also worked on animations for the bands ‘Division Bell’ stage show and storyboarded the ‘worlds most viewed internet animation’ for the band in 1999.

During this period he also designed and executed several photographic bookcovers for Bloomsbury publishing including the first edition of Will Selfs ‘Grey Area’. He worked on numerous interior design projects with his wife Janette Swift and in 1998 designed and founded the famous Café 1001 in Brick Lane, the interior of which was inspired by his interest in Middle Eastern art and culture. During this time he met the musician Talvin Singh and the two collaborated with the ‘Master Musicians of Jajouka’ (Singh producing the album and Finlay designing the album sleeve) and Finlay also performed a spoken word piece at one of Talvins celebrated musical soirees.

In 2000 he left the coffee business to concentrate on animation and developed series’ for the BBC and other production companies in the UK and US. In 2003 he worked as an armour designer on Oliver Stones production of ‘Alexander’ during which time he met the costume designer Marlene Stewart (once Madonna’s stylist) who became an influence on his subsequent illustration work.

In September 2003 he met his business partner Bill Bachle who, in a career spanning four decades, wrote Bob Kennedys presidential campaign ads amongst many other notable achievements. Bachle and Cowan founded Endless Design Ltd to undertake diverse creative assignments for a wide variety of global clients.

In 2003 Finlay was asked to write and illustrate a ‘how to’ book on the subject of Fantasy Art. The book, titled ‘Drawing and Painting Fantasy Figures’, became a bestseller in ten languages, reached no 3 in the Uk art books chart and spawned an entire genre of copycat titles. ‘Drawing and Painting Fantasy Worlds’ followed in 2006 and three more books in 2007 and 2008, and 2009, all published by David and Charles and reaching markets in 20 countries including China and Korea.

Finlays fifth book ‘Fantasy art expedition’ was published in 2009.

In April 2009 he moved with his family from Italy to Oxfordshire in the UK.

He began a storytelling project with the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford, writing illustrating and performing stories based on items in the collection. A video podcast of the first four stories is due to appear on the museums website by 2012.


He worked on various corporate design (CNN, Luxuria Awards, The Luxury Marketing Council, The Responsible Business Network) and new work for Talvin Singh and Niladri Kumar, Pink Floyd and others.

He designed weapons for the new film from the director of District 9. He designed costumes with Marlene Stewart for Famke Jannsen and Jeremy Renner on the Paramount studios film ‘Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters‘. He produced the illustrations for a new edition of the book ‘The Greatest Gift’ – the novel on which Frank Capras film ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ was based.

In 2012 he began working with Jane Mc Gonigal after reading her book ‘Reality is Broken’ and deciding he wanted to join her in her ‘vision of creating a better world through games’. He began producing illustrations for the online game ‘Superbetter’ designed to help people achieve their personal health goals.

In 2011 he returned to his long term graphic novels and music project, Subway Slim, and brought all his storytelling and music activities under a single banner. He began working with his long time collaborator Wes Maebe on new music for the project and teamed up with Matt Barr and Tom Harvey to create the web and merchandising arm of the business.

February 2nd 2012 sees the launch of with new music, graphic novels and merchandise releases scheduled every 8 weeks.
Hi Folks... I finally got around to sorting out my Deviant Art profile - I can't believe I left it so long - Deviant Art is obviously the perfect community for artists and especially fantasy and graphic novel artists.. I feel like a bit of an idiot... I've already met so many like minded people here.

So... since I did five practical art books of 'how to do' fantasy which have gone into ten languages and 20 countries... I get a lot of people asking for more advice, inspiration and tutorials (not that I know any better than most of you guys out there but I've got a few years (25 and counting) experience as a working pro in books, film and music ... so that could help a bit).

Anyway... books are a bit of a problem for doing this kind of thing for two reasons:
1) Not enough room !... You have to squeeze everything in and art just ain't like that.
2) Publishers... only interested in one thing... money, money, money. They don't care about the fans or even creating a good product - if something sells well, like my first book, they just want you to repeat it over and over again until people stop buying it... which is dumb because people really want and need something new... which is why I had to stop doing those books... I delivered something new and wonderful for my last book - and they rejected it...

So... it seems the only real solution is to self publish... which I'll be doing with my Subway Slim graphic novels starting in February... beginning with pdfs to download then moving to print editions when I can afford to.

But what about the advice, inspiration and tutorials ?
Well... the obvious thing to do is set up a blog... which you will find at … through the website ( starting in February).

I've lined up a ton of material: articles, videos, advice, tutorials, in progress etc and I'm going to start blogging regularly in February but there's a few bits up already to get the ball rolling.

I'm going to try and repeat as much stuff as possible here on DeviantArt... but I've got my work cut out as I'll be concentrating on producing new episodes every 6-8 weeks... but I'll do my best and hopefully some of you guys out there will advise, guide and get involved... art is a two way street and we are all in it together.

So, thanks for checking in and I look forward to making contact soon,

very best regards
Finlay Cowan


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lenindcruz Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014
I wish you would return to deviantART. Your ‘Fantasy Artists' Pocket Reference: Dragons’ book was awesome and beautiful.
MaryDot Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2013
My "Drawing & Painting Fantasy Figures" is totally worn because of many years reading it ! It's really a good surprise to find your DA account. It made my day ! Congratulations and thank you, sir !
Naonii Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
my gosh! I didn't know you had a deviantart! I have one of your books, and because of you I learned a vast amount about anatomy and coloring. I would just like to thank you for that, and you have helped me along in my art for a long time now. Thank you so much for being as creative as you are, and sharing your knowledge of art with all of us!
Bluejeanne Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Wow, I didn't know that the author of one of my most precious books books had a dA account! I'd just like to say that your fantasy art is really amazing, and that your book has helped me a lot to create my own. ^^
ValentinaKaquatosh Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Finlay Cowan! I've discovered you again! Remember me? Glad to find your work on deviantART. Please add me to your friends/Watch list, if you like. I have new work to share SOON. Have an excellent new year.
Grimmdev Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
you have very interesting work, i can't wait to see what you achieve in the coming weeks.
LadyLuca87 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Glad to see you have an account with dA! I just recently purchased your Fantasy Art Expedition book. The art is beautiful. I've been trying some of the techniques described in your book, it's taking time to re-learn things, but I think there are definite improvements. Thank you for the great guides and art provided in your book.
loda27 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2010
Hello sir. nice to meet you to Deviantart.

I'm have your fantasy drawing book.[link]

I'm gladly enjoy your paintings. Thanks to Awesome painting!

I'll see ya soon to Devianart. Thanks!
FantasySnake14 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2010   Traditional Artist
dude put some of your beastly stuff up. im a huge fan :D
Apollyna Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, welcome to DeviantArt at least! I'm surprised you haven't had an account forever!

Awkward way to start the day, I'm sure, but I hope all's well across the pond. x3
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